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Living on a Prayer by Sungha Jung and Tomi


This small guy is from South Korea. His name is Sungha Jung. According to some comments and his biography on myspace, his father is a guitarist. It is difficult for a child to play such songs. He's playing like a genious. He said that his guitar is a customized one. He ordered custom made in order to fit with his body.
The most important thing to play a guitar beautifully is practising. You should keep in touch with guitar almost everyday. If not, your fingers will not be fresh to play notes. Look at him, he said that he practises one to two hours when the school is open. But during the school break he plays more than that. He is like a talented person. He is still very young. He has a dream to become a professional acoustic fingerstyle guitarist. I wish him his dream comes true.
You will see his great fingering position style in this clip. There is another guy who will support him in this clip.They are playing the song of Bon Jovi, named Living on a Prayer. You may be familiar with this song. One burmese singer named "Bi Li Htun" used to sing the copy of this song in his alblum.


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