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Offensive ads

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Here are the most offensive ads in the history of mankind created by Belgian humor magazine.

Cheating Husband Punishment

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How do you think? This guy loves his wife so much or afraid of her? William Taylor of Centreville & Virginia got caught getting a little action on the side when he forgot to remove the incriminating evidence from his cell phone.After finding the proof, his wife doled out a rather interesting punishment.She lets him stand at one of the busiest intersections in the D.C. Metropolitan area wearing a board telling everyone that he has been punished .Consider it a modern day version of a scarlet letter humiliating, but less catastrophic than some scorned women's destructive revenge tactics.

If you want to read in burmese, go here.[link]


Manchester united 2 - 1 Arsenal

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It was a great match.

Prince Design Commercial

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PRINCE DESIGN STUDIO provides product design services for first-class products. We exactly do Industrial Design and Product Development. We would like to inform you if you want to design your new product that we offer variety design and we had good direct experiences as Leading companies: LG, Panasonic, Honda and Cotto etc. Please have a look of our fascinating designs here www.princedesign.com

New concept of product design studio, established in 2003 to response, entrepreneurs and producers who need their modern design products and want to response their modern customers' need.

Westlife & Diana Ross - When you tell me

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This is one of my favourites song. How is it? I hope you guys will like this song too. Enjoy the song & have fun.

Myanmar Funny Cartoons

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Source : Forward e-mail

My wish

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I wish I could take such photo. Is there anyone who wanna be my model? :D
I found it when I visit stumbleupon. It is a nice shot? Isn't it? The reflection of her body on the road makes the photo more alive.

Photo credit : Via

Diary 23rd August 2009

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I forgot to inform my friends that one myanmar famous online magazine named LawKa-AhHla interviewed me.
You could read it here. [link] You could also see my updated photos on my flickr.[link].Please do not forget to write some comments. Actually I wanna take more photos. Currently I need to adjust my time.I have to finish my project soon. Final exams are coming. I'm not ready yet. I have to study hard. My dream almost came true.Aja aja fighting !! I may take some photos at the end of this month. I need to adjust the date with my models. :-) I will update you guys soon. Have a nice weekend !

Alcoholic monkeys

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Photo credit: [link]

8-bit evolution of Michael Jackson and James Bonds

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For more pixelated heroes visit here.[link]

History of Michael Jackson in matryoshka dolls

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Funeral Speech

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Photo credit : [link]

Pilobolus Dance

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Pilobolus Dance Theatre - The top video clips of the week are here

Photo credit :[link]

If you want to know more about pilobolus dance, read here.

Usain Bolt

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It is not easy to break the world record. It will more difficult for a person to break his previous world record.But he did it again on last sunday,after running 100meters with 9.58 seconds. He name is Usain Bolt who is from Jamaica.He has previous 100 meter world record that he set last year at the Beijing Olympics. This time is 0.11 seconds more faster than his previous record. Congratulations Usain Bolt! If you want to know more about him, read here.

A cat has over one million followers on Twitter

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Will you believe that a cat got over 1 million followers on Twitter? It's real and the truth. You could follow her @ http://twitter.com/Sockington

Understanding DDoS attack

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As you may notice on famous social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter were down around 3 hours due to a group of hackers attacked. It happened last Thursday as I remembered. As a result, millions of users around the world could not use those sites.

Hackers attacked them by using DoS. DoS stands for "Denial-of-Service" which hackers use a program called Botnets that controls several users and commands them to attack the sites.

What I understand is that Botnets controls several users and try to send packets to the relevant sites that they attempt to attack. What happened is that the dedicated servers which were hosted by sites that got hanged and could not work properly. Social network owners suspect that those hackers are from Russia. I guess there may have some sort of political affairs related to that attack. Anyway, we should prevent our PCs or notebooks not to be controlled by Botnets. We can check Botnet installed at your PC or not by using Trend Micro RUBotted program which is a Beta version. You can down it from here. [link]

After you have checked, if there is Botnet, it will answer "No Bots Found". If it is answer "Bot Found", you need to remove it. Bots are some sort of PC worms. Millions of PCs has been affected by it around the world. You could remove it by using antivirus program. Good luck friends !

Photo : Google

When did you join twitter?

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Twitter is one of the most famous social networking sites. If you are not a member yet, go to twitter.com and sing up to get an account. If you are already a member, you may want to know when did you join twitter.Just go to http://www.whendidyoujointwitter.com/ and insert the user name.When you click on the find out button then it will show when you joined the twitter by the exate date,month and the year.

Chelsea 2 - 2 Manchester United [ Highlight ]

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Chelsea won by penalty.

Diary 9th August 2009

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Today, I was feeling so sleepy at work since I got nothing to do much.Then I played around with my old photos. I selected some of them to upload on flickr and Myanmar Lens Man.comI had already uploaded new photos on my flickr.[link]I also answered one interview. Actually I got the interview questions from Ma Hana since two to three weeks ago.I have been so busy with my study and did not have time to answer her questions. Today, I got nothing to do and tried to answer her interview questions. You could look at my interview at this page.[link] . Thanks to Ma Haha.

I had my dinner after that and watched the Charity Shield Cup 2009.As I guess, Chelsea could play very well. The match result is Chelsea 2 - 2 Manchester united.But when they play penalty, Manchester players R.Gigg and Evra could not score penalty goals.So,Chelsea became the winner of Charity Shield Cup 2009.Congratulations Chelsea !!!

Charity Shield Cup 2009 - Chelsea vs Manchester united

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As you guys may know that the Charity Shield is a trophy contested in an annual match between the champions of the Premierleague and the winners of the FA Cup.Last year premierleague champion is Manchester united and the FA cup winner is Chelsea.They both has to play this Charity Shield cup for the year 2009 on tomorrow.

I'm one of Chelsea fans.As you know there is no C Ronaldo and Tevez for Manchester united.They got many injuried players.They are Vidic,Garry Neville,West Brown and Van der Sar.It will be difficult for Ferguson choosing the goal keeper. At the other side, Chelsea got a new manager and nobody can guess how they will play this year.Hopefully they will win since they are more stronger than Manchester united. There are two players that Chelsea has to be careful. They are Rooney and Michael Owen who got the best form according to pre-season matches.Let's wait and see who will win Charity Shield Cup. Good luck Chelsea!

How to Fix "Google Error We're sorry"

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When I tried to browse my blog after I came back from dinner, I saw the following page showing

We’re Sorry…
… but your query looks similar to to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.

We’ll restore your access as quickly as possible, so try again soon. In the meantime, if you suspect that your computer or network has been infected, you might want to run a virus checker or spyware remover to make sure that your systems are free of viruses and other spurious software.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope we’ll see you again on Google.

During that time I could browse all google services except blogspot addresses.I tried to find out the solution via the net but I could not.I could browse my blog by using proxy.Luckily I got the following page to contact google.


According to some forum, my IP address has been banned by google for a while. Some said one day (24 hours).Luckily I found that page and filled the form. Then submitted to google. It could recover immediately after a few hours.( I can't remember exactly. Around 1 hour I guess).Use this page to check your IP address.[link] Actually the procedure was written in this blog.[link] I could not browse it since google has been banned me.I could read it later after my problem has solved. I share about this if you got similar problem, you could solve it by using several ways. Good luck !!

Glass pool table

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Lightning rocks photographer

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Wide lens Advertisement

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Not fooling anyone

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I guess she is not fooling anyone. :)


Knockout within 3 seconds

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Michael Jackson's hair on fire

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It was happened in the year 1984 while he was performing on a Pepsi commercial.

White peacock

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Some people believe that if a person who got the chance to see the white peacock
good luck will come to that person.

Source : forward e mail