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Slumdog Millionaire star's father tried to sell her for £200,000

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According to some news, Slumdog Millionaire star, Rubina who played the young heroine Letika in the movie which has grossed £185million worldwide and swept the board at the Oscars.It had been hoped that the film's success would transform Rubina's life. But her father and an uncle were said to have claimed that they are being forced to put her up for sale because the family has not received enough of the proceeds.They were accused of using her fame as a bargaining tool to push up the price they can get for her first asking £50,000 and later quadrupling the amount.The little girl's father and uncles all went to a hotel to meet the prospective buyers, supposedly a family from Dubai, to discuss the deal in detail.Finally, they cannot negotiate the deal. There were a big fight between their family and relatives.Their fights caught on camera and some media also got those photos.Their family is under a lot of pressure now.Its really bad to know what these parents and relatives are doing.


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