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Tomato Fight

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Spainish people celebrate Tomato-throwing Festival, popularly known as La Tomatina, every year.Municipal trucks dump about 130 tons of ripe, juicy tomatoes in the towns main square.Truckloads of tomatoes quickly turn into puree. Around 40,000 people from different parts of the world come together in the town of Bunoi in Spain to participate in the world’s largest tomato fight. People then start hurling tomatoes at each other. People are covered all with plum tomatoes, wearing protective safety goggles . It is tradition for the women to wear all white and the men to wear no shirts. This festival started since 1952.The event began in the mid 1940’s when a food battle broke out between youngsters. A vegetable stall was nearby in the town square and they started throwing tomatoes at each other.

Badet said...
April 27, 2009 at 4:42 PM  

So many tomatoes! =)

Everything Nice!

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