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Tropical Cyclone Bijli

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According to some news, there is a new Tropical Cyclone Bijli which may strike our country,Myanmar almost near the anniversary of Nargis. AccuWeather.com reports that Tropical Cyclone Bijli(01B) is gathering strength as it churns through the northern Bay of Bengal. The current position has the center of the storm 350-400 miles south-southwest of Kolkata,India. It has been slowly moving north-northeastward over the past several hours. Our country, Myanmar was struck by Cyclone Nargis on May 2nd of last year. Nargis resulted in the wrost natural disaster in Myanmar's recorded history. The currenly Tropical Cyclone Bijli is not expected to be as strong as Nargis. But we should be aware of it. Please pass this information and save our country.

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