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Windows Media Player 12.0

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Windows Media Player 12.0 provides original files from Windows 7.Windows 7 has Windows Media Player version 12.0 which is currently latest version of Windows media player.We are still unaware of any new extra feature of Windows media player but if you are not planning to upgrade your Windows 7 public Beta 1 and want to install this latest version of Windows media player 12.0 then here is way to do it.Misaki2009 from deviantart has extracted required Windows media player 12.0 dll files which you need to place in your Windows 7 Beta 1 or any older windows 7 build’s system folder to enjoy Windows Media Player 12.

1)copy wmploc.dll in C:\Windows\System32

2)copy Windows Media Player folder to C:\Program Files


Anonymous said...
April 21, 2009 at 7:14 PM  

Thank for u r sharing ..

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