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90th Days Report in Thailand

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All the foreigners have to do 90th days notification report in Thailand. I guess this rule has been applied since 2001. There was no problem before even we did not report. But nowadays if we miss to do so, we have to pay 2000 Bahts fine to Thai Immigration. I don't think foreigners would like to do this report. We already got one year visa and there is no reason to do this report every 90 days. Sometimes when we are busy, we may miss to do it. Anyway, we are staying in their country and we must follow their rules. Since you do this report, Thai immigration department will attach a slip with your passport. Please be noted that you should not lost that slip. If you lost it, you could not do anything. As I heard from my HR department, Thai immigration got no record for it. If you lost it, just ready to pay 2,000 Bahts fine to Thai immigration department.

P.S: What a surprise!!!
By writing this post, I have saved 2,000 bahts for my friend who came back from Australia. He has been here for 86 days already.One more friend suggested me to check with Thai immigration. She said that the fine rate increased to 5,000 bahts. I'm not sure whether it is truth or not.


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