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Another great keyword " How to make Windows XP genuine?"

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Many visitors reached my blog via google search because of this keyword.I have written the post named " How to make Windows XP Genuine " last two months ago. I got lots of visitors from many countries. I was at the 6th Page of google search engine before. Currently I'm at the top and 3rd page of google search engine.How amazing? I'm glad that it is useful to some people.I did not know before that this article content does not match with google terms and condition. It is sort of hacking actually. As you know there is no copy right law strickly defined here in Asia and most of us are using illegal softwares. According to my point of view, this is not good for the long term. There should be some law strickly defined regarding copy right case. At our country, people used to purchase copied VCDs and DVDs mostly. Copied products are so cheap and orginal products are sort of expensive for people. I hope we could solve this problem in the near furture.


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