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Swine flu spam scam

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Malicious computer scams are piggy-backing on the deadly swine flu outbreak to make a quick profit and infect systems around the world by using celebrity names,such as Madonna,Salma Hayek...etc. According to McAfee, it had uncovered a spike in new spam scams piggy-backing on the swine flu scare in an attempt to peddle pharmaceuticals and added that celebrity names, such as Madonna and Salma Hayek, were being used to attract users' attention.

I want to warn anyone receiving such emails not to click a link or visit a website for more information.By doing that, you will be self-inflicting with some mailware as they are trying to get access to your system.So, please be aware that if you get E-mails with the subjects "Madonna caught swine flu", "Salma Hayek caught swine flu" and "Swine flu in Hollywood" etc.

[ piggy-backing = In connection with something larger or more important,to cause to be aligned with an issue ]


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